Maxime Trijol VSOP

190g Fillet Infusion


Continuing in pure Mugshot fashion we are ecstatic to be able to give you our 190g Fillet Steak infused with the  harmonious Maxime Trijol VSOP Cognac

An extra seven days of ageing and infusing giving the already super-soft buttery texture of the fillet the beautiful sweet and fruity after tones of the VSOP.    

Maxime Trijol VSOP

GOLD MEDAL, San Francisco World Spirit Competition 2018

The family installed the first still in November of 1859. The company now owns 20 2,500 litre charentais pot stills, and they are one of the largest distillers in Cognac.

The VSOP is Golden yellow. Fruity and floral on the nose and palate, with a long-lasting gaiety. The tannins from the oak have helped it to develop to the beginnings of maturity. A harmonious cognac perfect for combining with our 190g fillets.

190g Fillet

Tender and lean

The tenderloin is the most tender cut of beef, making it one of the more desirable cuts. This, combined with the small amount given by any one steer or heifer (no more than 500 grams), filet mignon is, as a result, generally the most luxurious cut. Because the muscle is not weight-bearing, it contains less connective tissue, which makes it very lean tender. It needs little cooking and is best served rare. 


Our short seven day infusions is a beautiful process giving us the ability to add the sweet under tones of our chosen spirit to our meat.

It works. It's just physics. Vacuuming out air creates lower pressure inside the bags. Lower pressure acts like suction, and the liquid 'rushes' into the meat much faster than during normal osmosis (marinating) .