Japanese Black


Our Wagyu is sourced from Japan. Its intense marbling and rich taste will send your umami sensors soaring while it literally melts in your mouth. This is some of the most sought-after beef in the world, curated from the best Japanese produces.

Mugshot Bristol gives you the great opportunity to be able to indulge in this superb grade of beef.

A5 Wagyu

Our Superb A5 Filet Mignon

The taste, of course, marks Wagyu as distinct, too (to put it quite mildly). It's a beef so rich and buttery it melts in your mouth. Literally. It's so intense and decadent, in fact, that it's best enjoyed in small bites while sipping something equally rare. It's an experience more than anything else.

The cattle breeds that are classified as wagyu breeds are the following:


One of the greatest myths about wagyu is that extensive marbling is bad for you. In fact, it is quite the opposite. It's the marbling that gives wagyu a disticitve health boost. In addition to the protein and iron content typically seen in beef, most of the fat in wagyu consist of mono-unsaturated fatty acids like Omega 3s and 6s that lower cholestrol. Some studies have indicated that wagyu has 30% more of the "good fat" compared to Angus beef

Most wagyu producing regions are also surrounded by some of the most pristine environments in Japan. With regards to Kagoshima wagyu where Mugshot suppliers sources its wagyu, the farms are located near active volcanoes meaning these ranches also have access to ground water that has filtered through the volcanic soil imparting them with minerals helpful for the growth of the animals.


Mugshot Special Cut

Mugshots superb Japanese Wagyu is part of the Mugshot Special Cuts, all subscribers have first access to such indulgent, prime cuts of beef.

Its advised to pre order such cuts due to only limited numbers being availible.