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Mugshot Restaurant Bristol is located in the heart of the medieval old town in a beautiful Grade II listed property next to the historic St Nicholas Market of Bristol.

The perfect location for an elegant lunch or dinner.

Mugshot offers the most succulent steaks, precious pizzas and compelling cocktails in Bristol. Defined by an elegant 1920s aesthetic, Mugshot is committed to providing an unforgettable experience to all patrons. Our restaurant is a perfect venue for a romantic night out, a friendly catch up among pals, business meetings and family celebrations alike.

Our restaurant which is split over two floors can be seen here. Upstairs (above) and downstairs (below).
We have a combination of built in booths and tables with seating to accommodate various party sizes. We also have two dedicated bars to keep the drinks flowing. We are currently accepting parties up to 6 guests on a week day and 5 guests on a weekend




Mugshot Restaurant We are mostly known for our hot stone dining.
This style of dining is the perfect way to enjoy steak.

It comes as standard with each steak and is an experience you won’t forget! That being said we are more than happy to cook your steak to order, it’s up to yourself. The hot stones are brought to your table at a sizzling 350℃ so you can finish off your steak at the table piece by piece as you eat in the butters and sauces that we include with each steak. We recommend you just finish it in small bitesize pieces as you eat so its easier to control the speed at which it cooks through. The flavoured butters infuse each bite with deliciousness and ensure each bite is as magical as the last. The hot stone also means your steak will be piping hot all the way until the end of the meal.


The steaks we serve at Mugshot are supplied by our butcher local to us in Bristol, Buxtons Butchers.

Buxtons source their cuts from independent farms and all their meat is raised grass fed and free to roam. All our sharing cuts are dry aged in Buxton Butchers superior Himalayan Salt Dry Ageing room. The special cuts we can have supplied in house change depending on supply, so if there is something specific you have in mind we can usually make it happen as long as we have enough time to source a high enough quality cut.

*Special cuts will be available on certain dates (often weekends) or by pre-order of at least 3 days in advance. Call in for enquiries. Wagyu requires a 3-6 week advanced order if done by special request.


We have an exceptional team of bartenders who concoct the most delicious and selective cocktails that invoke 1920s New York at its finest, for a criminally good time.
You will not be disappointed.

Fortunalty in the surroundings of the 20’s here at Mugshot we pay our taxe’s and have no need to dodge the law, by doing so, we keep alive the beautiful craft of mixology, while paying tribute to
the incredible 1920s.

Rum-running, or Bootlegging, is the illegal business of transporting (smuggling) alcholic beverages where such transportation is forbidden by law. Smuggling usually takes place to circumvent taxation or prohibition laws within a particular jurisdiction…….


Please read disclaimer below booking form.

Please make sure you have a confirmation email for your booking.


Mugshot is a hot stone restaurant. Whilst finishing your steaks off at the table in our selection of homemade butters your hot stone will produce some smoke. We have extensive ventilation but even with this we can’t avoid this aspect of the experience and you may find the smell of our delicious food could linger slightly on your clothing after your visit. Please keep that in mind when booking. As such, guests are solely responsible for any damage to their clothing or personal belongings while in the restaurant, and the establishment bears no liability in such instances.

Card details are required for confirming tables booked at Mugshot and The Library. We do not charge deposits, it’s just an assurance for us that people show up when they reserve tables. If you no-show without giving us at least 24 hours notice there is a no show fee of £20 per head at Mugshot and £10 per head at The Library charged directly to your card.

On table sizes of 6+ we do implement a non-optional service charge of 12.5% 

Please make sure you have a confirmation email for your booking.

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